The data feed provides a downloadable database of the registered IP Netblocks (IP ranges) with detailed information regarding each range.

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IP Netblocks WHOIS Data will tell you

The database contains IP whois data from major Internet Addresses Registries on a daily basis

The resulting database is a joint dataset, post-processed to get unified and consistent format and data. The output format is JSON or CSV where every row is a separate JSON object or CSV row. It allows parallel processing in your systems.

About 20% of records have partly redacted contact information, due to GDPR.

The database comes in two forms

  • Full database — a full database of all the IP Netblocks for a given date in unified and consistent JSON or CSV format. These files are named in format: "ip_netblocks_current_%DATE%.jsonl.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks_current_2018-03-29.jsonl.gz" or "ip_netblocks_current_2018-03-29.csv.gz.
  • Daily incremental database — changes in full IP Netblocks database compared to the previous date. Includes added, dropped and modified IP ranges since yesterday. These files are named in format: "ip_netblocks_today_%DATE%.jsonl.gz", e.g. "ip_netblocks_today_2018-04-12.jsonl.gz" or "ip_netblocks_today_2018-04-12.csv.gz".

File storage time: every file is available for 3 months since its creation date.

Downloading via HTTPs

Downloading via FTP

  • Host: datafeeds.whoisxmlapi.com
  • Port: 21210
  • Username: 'user'
  • Password: equal to your personal API Key which you can obtain from the My Products page.

Average file sizes


Full database Daily incremental database
gzip 370Mb ~2Mb
unpacked 4.4Gb ~30Mb
rows 8.9M 1K-150K


Full database Daily incremental database
gzip 320Mb ~2Mb
unpacked 2.0Gb ~15Mb
rows 8.9M 1K-150K

Currently, an average Daily incremental database consists of 2,300 added records, 9,200 changed records, and 1,600 dropped records.

Output fields’ descriptions

inetnum e.g. " -"
inetnumFirst first IP as integer value, e.g. "134744072" (which is " in IP notation)
inetnumLast last IP as integer value

Autonomous System – is null when the data is missing

  • asn - Autonomous System Number
  • name
  • route
  • country
  • domain
netname name of the IPs range
modified date of the last change (e.g. 2018-05-25T10:20:58Z)
country 2 chars' country code
city name of city

list of administrative contacts

  • id
  • person - name of the contact person
  • role - role of the contact person
  • phone
  • email
  • country
  • city
adminContact list of administrative contacts
techContact list of technical contacts

organisation registered the range

  • id
  • name
  • phone
  • email
  • country
  • city

list of maintainers who are able to update the IPs range

  • id
  • email
mntDomains list of domains' maintainers
mntLower list of maintainers who are able to change sub ranges
mntRoutes list of maintainers of routing info
action is present in Daily incremental database only. Specifies modification type: "add", "drop" or "change".

CSV structure

CSV files contain the same information as JSON files. The exceptions are "abuseContact", "adminContact", "techContact", "mntBy", "mntDomains", "mntLower", "mntRoutes" fields. Because of the flat structure of the CSV, only the first item is selected from each contact list. Thus, JSON files' data is more complete.

  1. action
  2. inetnum
  3. inetnumFirst
  4. inetnumLast
  5. as number
  6. as name
  7. as route
  8. as domain
  9. netname
  10. modified
  11. country
  12. city
  13. org.id
  14. org.name
  15. org.email
  16. org.phone
  17. org.country
  18. org.city
  19. abuseContact.id
  20. abuseContact.person|role
  21. abuseContact.email
  22. abuseContact.phone
  23. abuseContact.country
  24. abuseContact.city
  25. adminContact.id
  26. adminContact.person|role
  27. adminContact.email
  28. adminContact.phone
  29. adminContact.country
  30. adminContact.city
  31. techContact.id
  32. techContact.person|role
  33. techContact.email
  34. techContact.phone
  35. techContact.country
  36. techContact.city
  37. mntBy.id
  38. mntBy.email
  39. mntDomains.id
  40. mntDomains.email
  41. mntLower.id
  42. mntLower.email
  43. mntRoutes.id
  44. mntRoutes.email
  45. source

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